Welcome to the dating series by Chelsea Gibson. Chelsea  is a Psychotherapist, Certified Facilitator and  International Best Selling Author. She embodies sexualness and the joy of orgasmic living and is ready to invite you to that for you.


Look below for Taster classes and 2.5 VIP Deep Dive classes around the world and live-streamed. Click here for private sessions and here for online classes made available by Chelsea Gibson. Is now the time for the joy, ease and kindness of sex?


Are you confused what DATING means to you? In a new dating environment of dating apps, high divorce rates and an expanding sexual awareness what do you do?

How do you begin looking for that special someone? Since especially for some of you that dating and relationships has even been abusive or invasive! 

Conscious dating gives you pragmatic tools for dating consciously.


I will facilitate the following:

  • Clarity, truly what are you looking for?

  • Clear the past and patterns that don't work for you

  • Discover new and untapped ways to find that person and pull them into your life

  • Online dating tips, profile guidance and what to say first so you stand out and get noticed

  • Mindset tools, guided visualizations, tuning in the vibration of your hearts desire and more...

Imagine getting clarity on what your dating reality is and how to consciously choose what works for you. Discover the elements of creating your hearts desire, and magnetizing them to you!

You can join LIVE in person around the world or LIVESTREAM from your home.

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Next Class: Prince George August 18th

Are you confused about what sex means to you? 

How are you supposed to understand what your sexual reality is when media, family and friends impel ideals, morals and perspectives at you as a child? Did you make a decision in the past that sex was wrong, was bad or that you were wrong? Has sex even been abusive or invasive? 

Orgasmic life and living isn't just about sex. It's about receiving.

Imagine getting clarity on what your sexual reality is. What is sex and sexulaness to you? Would you be willing to create your own sexual reality?

You can join LIVE in person around the world or LIVESTREAM from your home.

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Calling all sexual healers!


You are cordialley invited to the party of embodying your unique sexualness.

Are you aware there is more to life than o.k sex, o.k relationships and o.k receiving? 


Have you ever been accused of being locked up or rigid sexually? Did you buy that sex was wrong, was bad or that you were doing it wrong? Has sex even been abusive or invasive? 

Do you ever feel weird or creepy when you're lusted after? Orgasmic life and living isn't just about sex. It's about receiving.

Are you wondering why sex, sexualness and receiving are not working for you as well as you know they could be?

This 2.5 VIP Deep Dive is for those who are truly ready to step into channeling their unique sexualness. 

Are you ready to activate a life that compliments the Sexual VIP Aphrodite and Aros you truly are?

How do you integrate this new space of being with your current partner? How do you find partners and lovers that compliment the NEW you?

How does your body like being touched and what would it be like to be the energy that invites it?


The Channeling Your Sexualness VIP Deep Dive is for those looking for deeper. They know they are ready, they know they have a unique sexualness and ready to acknowledge the contribution you be to this planet and you have the desire to create a life that compliments it. People who join are ready to have an orgasmic life and body!

This class will include:

  • Group Sexual Activation Session

  • What is sexualness? What is your unique sexualness?

  • Clear the past, lies and patterns that don't work for you

  • Discover new and untapped ways to discover your unique sexualness available only for you and how to channel it

  • Tips to integrate the NEW you into your life and relationships

  • Sexual energy with the Earth and receiving nature

  • Expansive ways to embody and receive the elegance of sexualness

  • Delicious, juicy field trips included

  • Mental tools, guided visualizations, meditation and more...

  • Access to special pricing foSexual Activation Private Sessions and Sexual VIP

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