Energetic Facelift Certification

Are you ready to change how you look in the mirror? Epic changes can happen in this class with the 'Access Energetic Facelift". And you become a certified practitioner! What happens in this class? - you'll learn the facelift and perform it, and receive it too. The process involves everything from energetic botox to reversals of gravity impaction systems, join us if your ready to look 10 years younger and stronger or vibrant. 

Become Certified in this amazing technique!

What are people receiving from Facelift Sessions?

Much more relaxed both in appearance (especially eyes) and demeanor
More radiant and younger looking
Invigorated and energized
Reduced appearance of wrinkles, lines and swelling
Smoother, clearer, tighter skin and glow
Jowl lifts, brow lifts, neck lifts, breast lifts, butt lifts and all-over-body lifts
Reduced scarring and pigmentation
Cleared up inflamed, itching, erupting skin conditions
Eyebrows returned to original brown color (from grey)
Balding stopped in its tracks after 4 sessions
Improved distance vision
Noticeably improved mental outlook

Become an Energetic Facelift Practioner

In this class you will gift the Energetic Facelift twice and receive the process twice. You will get a comprehensive manual and head charts. 

Investment in you: $300 +tax

Grande Prairie- October 6th 10-6pm










Want to be a host? Chelsea would love to come and facilitate in your city! 



2230 Queensway Street, Prince George, BC

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