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What would it feel like to workout with a whole new way of functioning? Did you know most of fitness and health is in your head? Learn tools on how to function differently mentally in relation to fitness and your body? Would you like to workout with zero judgement of you or your body? What would it feel like to go to the gym and just have fun? Imagine having no worries about what you looked like, or having weights equal your value! What if you had an awareness about how often to workout and what to do. How many of you have spent your lives thinking there's something wrong with you no matter how much you lift or what you weigh? Are you ready to look great, feel  great and have fun and love your body too! How does it get better than that?! 

Creating a Body Beyond This Reality

The clearing statement is designed to bring up energies and clear them. Every thought, attitude and belief we have about fitness and our bodies abilities has an energy to it. The clearing statements are designed to bypass your logical mind to access the subconscious brain that is holding you back from having the body you desire. The clearing statement goes to the point where where the energy of it was first created and erases it so that it longer is in your way or limiting you. What beliefs, attitudes and energy is limiting you that you would like changed now? What kind of change would you like? We create clearing statements, mental tools and do mental coaching made just for you! When you leave the session you are emailed your own personal list of questions and clearing statements so you can integrate them into your daily workout routines and life.

Energy Processes for Fitness

Each process works in a different area and multiple processes can contribute and expand the change that is possible for your body. What does your body need so it can heal and restructure so you can workout again and again. Try one of these catered for fitness:


*Access Bars


*Reiki Massage

*Energy Processing MTVSS

*Celluluar Memory

*Sensual Touch

Conscious Fitness Workshops


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Mental Tools for Fitness



Would you like Wild Rose Wellness to come to your gym, yoga studio, dance studio, pool/spa or health store? Wild Rose Wellness is sweeping Canada teaching workshops on how to be fit and conscious too! Conscious Fitness Workshops include:


*120 minute long class

*Learning tools so you can workout and have fun

*Tools on how to choose to have fun with fitness

* Learn how to communicate with your body effectively so you get the best results

*Learn to be in communion with your bodies desires and how to ask your body what would it take to get the results you desire

*Examples of where to use the tools with ease

*10% off all services offered by Wild Rose Wellness



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