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Momentum | How to Build Momentum in Your Life and Business 


Are feeling like you've lost momentum with 2020? It's not over yet! You can gain momentum following these tips from Chelsea Gibson, International Best Selling Author and Transformational Coach. 


Ready for some real momentum to help get you in a positive track? Let’s create momentum for your life, motivation, health, positive energy and self care. We will build momentum in every area of your life so you can take the rest of 2020 on! 


Join the 21 Days of Momentum with daily momentum tools, meditations and mini classes.


All available on your computer and phone.


Online program starts September 29th 2020. 

easy Download

All classes, meditations and workbooks will be available to download to your phone or computer!


You will learn a variety of meditation styles to integrate into your routine and use after the program.

Mini classes

You'll learn tools to connect to your true self and techniques to clear yourself of any limiting beliefs and negative energy. We will build momentum in every area of your life so you can take the rest of 2020 on! 

Includes deep mindfulness, breathing, self massage, NLP, energy clearing, tapping, prayer, shamanic ceremony, hypnosis, yoga and energy healing


Each week you will receive a pdf download with a weekly workbook for that week! 

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Momentum | 21 Day Online Program

Momentum | 21 Day Online Program

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About the Facilitator

International Best Selling Author

Chelsea Gibson was raised in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto Canada. By the age of two she was using touch to make people feel more relaxed. By eight she started asking her mother if she floated away from her body when she slept and started putting her hands over plants to help them grow. Chelsea is HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and is highly gifted spiritually. Those gifts and disabilities were the beginning of understanding why Chelsea is so different and how she uses her sensitivities to help and facilitate change in peoples bodies and lives. Chelsea moved to Prince George and prioritized her healing. Chelsea has continued to travel to 32 countries! In 2016 Chelsea was published in two International Best Selling Books with Happy Publishing while running a downtown location in Prince George, BC, Canada. 


2230 Queensway Street, Prince George, BC

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