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Welcome to the Power of You series by Chelsea Gibson. Is now the time you move into the world with confidence? Chelsea is a Certified Facilitator and  International Best Selling Author. She embodies the power of being and the joy of being alive and is ready to invite you to that for you. 

Power of You

1 Day Class

Each one of us holds within us a power to choose what we want our lives to be like and a power to be the difference the world requires. Many people are disempowered from a young age through their lives to put their trust only within others or disempowered to believe they aren't powerful!


Are you ready to be one with the POWER of you?

This one day seminar Live online will cover:

• The power of Confidence

• The power of Self Love

• Your Inner Power

• The Power in Being Different

• Using Your Power to Change the World

This class includes:

• One day class in a beautiful space

• Printed manual

• Healthy brunch and beverages

• Live facilitation

• Access to the POWER of you!

Investment in you: Early bird pricing $200. Prepay now to save your seat and you’ll get early bird pricing!

Regular Price: $250


ONLINE- May 2021

Power of You

21 Day Online Course


The Power of you lies in believing in yourself.

The 21 days of the power of self online includes:

  • 21 meditations

  • Mini classes

  • Tools to help you get the power of you!


Meditation Topics:

• The power of Self Esteem

• The power of Self Love

• Your inner power

• The power of Self Confidence


This will include daily messages, mantra-based meditations, and centering thoughts recording and uploaded for your access daily. Start your journey to true inner power and see for yourself that there are no limits to what you can have and the true inner power that is available all around you. E-transfer chelsea@wildrosewellness.net to save the fees!

Chelsea Gibson, Certified facilitator 

International Best Selling Author

Creator of the Power of You is Chelsea Gibson. She has taken herself from not believing in herself, living in worry and fear to an international business, Graduate student and author. She now knows the power that lies inside herself and never doubts herself again!