21 Days of Being You with Confidence
When I was young I was care free to be me. I was unapologetic. With food, friends, fashion and sass it was 1000% without judgment. I remember ease with just saying the word No. Is that you? Somewhere between the outblast of negativity, gossip, judgment and labels we loose ourselves. We loose our sense of unapologetic energy. We walk into a room and wonder how we can fit in, are we wearing the right clothes, do we make enough money to be valuable, who are our friends, do we have a relationship, who is our family, etc. I vividly remember small and big moments where I starting detaching and hiding parts and pieces of me to fit, to try and never be judged. When all alone the greatest judges of me was ME. Imagine what it would be like to BE YOU with Confidence? In dating, at work, with kids and mostly with yourself. 

This 21-Day virtual program includes:
* Clearing the judgment of who you think you are and aren't* Clearing the past and the memories of what made you loose that confidence * An invitation to being you without apology or explanation or defence * Tools on how to deal with gossip, judgment and projections from others and yourself * 21 days of Recording of the calls and meditations
		Daily group classes and meditations
		21 Recordings to listen to again and again
		Clearings and Processes using the Access Conciousness Clearing Statement, CBT, Meditation and Law of Attraction

21 Days of Being You with Confidence Online