Do you make waves no matter where you go or what you do? And you're shocked because you're wondering "What did I do?". The greatest difficulty is trying to be invisible, trying to be perfect and keep everything comfortable. Does this give you any indictation on who you are, how you are and why you are? Are you actually here to make waves and have fun doing so? 

What if your life was an ever expanding ocean of possibiltiies? 

I used to try and be invisible. I spent my life trying really hard to be a good girl who made everyone happy. Then it would leak everywhere. Why? Because you can't contain waves. 

How much of your potency have you supressed or denied or refused so that you do not become the catalyst that changes everything?

You will receive: 
- 21 classes while Chelsea is traveling the world making waves in the world

- 21 Recordings 

- Coaching, clearings, tools on everywhere you have supressed your energy, your being and change ANYTHING


You can't be successful unless youre willing to be controversial- Gary Douglas, Founder of Acccess Consciousness 

Is now the time to be you and make waves?

21 Days of Making Waves Online