Are you ready to have money flowing through your life, body and business? If money was water from a waterfall and was connected to an infinite source what would you have in the way? Some people have blocks of wood and sticks they call limitations that stop the flow. Others have points of views on where money can flow from so they can never see there is a waterfall right around the corner or other rivers that could flow into their pool.

Judgment stops the flow. Your point of view creates your reality. Is now the time to change your point of view about money and end the judgment? 

Chelsea Gibson, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and International Best Selling Author, has always been able to create flows of money as if from nothing. It is a way of knowing, being, perceiving and receiving where you can choose what you would like to create your life as. Are you ready to energy flowing through your life, body and business for 21 days STRAIGHT?!

"Realize it isn't about money. It never is. It's about receiving the gift you are that will allow others and the universe to gift to you."- Chelsea Gibson

Twenty one days establishes a habit, are you ready to establish a habbit of receiving money and energy in your world?

"What could I practice today that would create more money that I have ever had before?"
-Blessed Possibilities

Included in this call:

- 21 Facebook Live Videos of a Money Flow energy excersise 

- daily tools and questions to create more Money Flows

- an mp3 downloadable recording of each Money Flow, EACH DAY, 21 recorded Money Flow

RECORDED audio of the call for those who register to listen to anytime. Money Flows Telecall will save you $50 on this call and can be purchased for $75 CDN. 

What if money could flow through your life with ease? What would your life be like if you could have and be infinite receiving?

21 Days of Money Flow Program


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