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Are you tired of pretending that you’re less than you are? Of hiding the weird, the abnormal, the difference and the greatness you be … even from you?  

Chelsea Gibson , CF and International Best Selling Author, invites you beyond the normal, average, and mundane reality you think you have to fit into and invite you to be the joy of you, the brilliance of you and to finally embrace the greatness of you through the difference you be that no one else has ever seen and that you have been pretending not to be. 

Being Different online class is about accessing a level of what has previously been called magic and weird, that is actually your inherent and innate capacity to ask and receive and to create a different world around you, simply by your request and the fact that you be different. 

Are you willing to be that different, that potent, that aware, and that abnormal in your life and in your living and invite others to be the same? What gift is going beyond mediocre that you haven't acknowledged? Is now the time to have the courage to be as truly as abnormal as you truly are?

With online classes with Chelsea Gibson, you can ask a certified facilitator and magic facilitor your questions live or send them in advance, you have access to the newest processing from Access Conciousness and you get to dive deep into different topics that can’t always be covered at length in live classes … and the change that occurs is beyond words. 

When you register you receive:
* Log in details for LIVE via zoom, telephone and computer

*120 minutes of tools and processes from a women who is definatly different and ready to be an invitation for YOU to be as abnormal as YOU truly be

* RECORDINGS of the online class

Being Different Online


    Sessions, classes and recordings are non-refundable

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