"It's the fantasy and the lies of family that keep you from creating beyond it"- Chelsea Gibson

I always knew there was something so much greater with family than what was out there. Instead of giving yourself up for the whole you could receive the contribution from everyone and receive the gift you are to them. Instead of having every member for themselves you could have contribution and the kingdom of we. Instead of abuse there would be kindness. There is a space of communion, contribution and allowance that family has available that just isn't showing up in the world. It is beyond the fantasy of family and beyond the abuse.

Take your pick the world says, it's either abuse or the fantasy...

Join me, Chelsea Gibson, Certified Access Consciousness facilitator and International Best Selling Author for an online class  inviting you to the space BEYOND THE FANTASY AND THE ABUSE OF FAMILY. I grew up in a special family that had been through a trauma as a collective when I was just a toddler. We were judged as the perfect fantasy of family but underlying was abuse and judgment of ourselves that was hidden and unspoken. Beneath the fantasy and abuse was a space and possibility that could change the world. Just this year I got to a place where I said it changes or we don't stay in eachothers lives. My mom, dad and I made a decision to change it and in that we got to an awareness of the abuse and the impact that it had on all six of us individually. Now we have a space that is beyond the fantasy and beyond the abuse. Now our family run fitness and wellness space called Gibson's Landing Athletics is a physical actualization of what is possible when a family decides to be present, be themselves, acknolwedge the gift they each are and receive from one another. It's creative, ge