Have you always had the desire to travel? What is stopping you?

Join International Best Selling Author Chelsea Gibson in this dynamic webinar inviting you to create a life that is full of travel. When Chelsea was a yung girl both her parents worked in the airline industry. Her life has been a journey of travel to 31 countries by the age of 30 years old. She has gone from backpacking journies through Europe to 16th Century mansions in Dublin, Ireland. She has ease travelling, creating what's required to stay with deals and more discounts than you've imagined.

You will get:

* 60 minute webinar LIVE with Chelsea Gibson from Noosa, Australia in her two bedroom apartment overlooking the Noosa River

* Tips, webistes and tricks to book hotels, airfare 

* Clearings on travel, fear of travel

* Clearings on limitations of travel such as time, money, job
*Recorded audio clip to listen to again and again

*An invitation with tools so you can create a life that has the energy of travel regardless if you are in your local grocery store or an exotic country

The world is calling, is now the time?

Creating the Travel Life Online

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