While I am away in Dublin, Ireland I will be doing a LIVE webinar from the beautiful hotel I am staying in called St. Helens. It is set in a 16th-century Georgian mansion surrounded by lush gardens.

Would you like to have the Energy of Elegance in your life? Join me, two time International Best Selling Author/world traveler/ therapist, on a webinar that will invite you to living the energy of Elegance.


This Webinar will include:

  • What is the energy of elegance?

  • How can the energy of elegance change your life?

  • Tools on being the energy of Elegance and how to bring it into your life

  • Tools on creating elegance such as hotels, travel, wealth and abundance

  • Recording of the class to listen to if you can't make it or listen to again and again

  • Q&A from St Helens 16th century mansion with International Best Selling Author Chelsea Gibson

Energy of Elegance Online Class


    Sessions, classes and recordings are non-refundable