Are you hard on yourself? Are you hard with yourself? Is it time for something gentler? Do you and your body require something gentler?

In a world of force and pressure and order it is hard to come by something that is soft and gentle. This is your invitation. To not only be it with you but with the world. This is a chance to receive the energy of kindness, nurturing and gentleness. 

I have been a healer by touch my entire life. It was a capacity I came with, and acknowledged since I was a child. I have a gift of gentleness with beings and bodies that I would like to contribute to you. I was always looking outside of me for something or someone to be the gentleness I wasn't for myself. Now that I am the gentleness with me my whole world has changed. 


In this Telecall via Zoom you will receive:

* The invitation of gentleness... the tools to acknowledge the gentleness you can be with your being and body

* The tools to unlock the hardness, the abuse, the judgment that locks up your capacities to be and receive gentleness

* An hour of facilitation by International Best Selling Author and Access Bars Facilitator Chelsea Gibson

* Recordings of the calls (if you can't make it live you can listen another time)


Is now the time for a gentler, kinder and more nurturing world than ever before? What if the gentleness of you was never somthing that was wrong or weak about you? It is the strongness and the greatest of you this world requires. I would adore for you to join us!

Gentleness Online Class