Have you ever felt guilty when you're happy? Do you enjoy the things you love with easlily without feeling guilt? This LIVE and online webinar is two hours of tools, clearings and space so you can begin to enjoy your life, your body and this world guilt FREE! We can learn guilt from family, culture, media or peers but it is just a distraction that keeps you from being present and fully enjoying your life. There is no reason to feel guilty EVER. You are on the planet therefore you deserve to live happily and joyfully on it.


You will receieve: 

- 2 hours of coaching

-2 hours of tools to get you unstuck from the guilt that enslaves you and keeps you from joy and pleasure

-recorded audio of the class for a later date AND if you can't make it live


Are you ready to receive joy, pleasure and living? When you have no guilt for anything you can receive the nurturance and pleasure of everything around you. Is now the time?

Guilt Free Pleasure Online


    Sessions, classes and recordings are non-refundable