In a foundation class in Brisbane, Australia Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, started refering to me as Happiness Walking. I would stand at the mic to ask a question to himself and Dr. Dain Heer and there it was again... "Now Happiness Walking"... "Hello Happiness".. he would say. 
What is Happiness Walking? Image if you were to embody happiness in each and every step you took. Each moment thorugh your life you were willing to choose happiness. Choose it...choose it again..choose it again. So that you embodied Happiness Walking in every step you took, in each breathe. 
Join me, International Best Selling Author; Facilitator AKA Happiness Walking, for a webinar that will change your life. It’s a powerful class that will have you laughing as well as changing. 
You will receive:
	What does it mean to embody happiness?
	Clearing negative energy, others energy, and anything that limits your happiness
	Tools to use to help you choose happiness moment to moment
	60 minutes of FULL facilitation & tools from Access Consciousness and Cognitive Behavior Therapy
	Audio recordings of the webinar to listen to again and again

Happiness Walking Online

C$50.00 Regular Price
C$40.00Sale Price