Are you ready to have a lust for life and living? This class will invite you to be and have enthusiasm that creates the lust for creation, life, living, having and actualizing dreams. 

When you are willing to be and embody the joy you truly be the universe will answer. Is now the time to have a lust and thirst for life that is beyond your friends, family and this world. When you be that much joy you invite everyone around you to be it for themselves. 

You're invited for a 120 minute class inviting your being and body into the space of lust for life. 
Are you ready to learn tools that will invite you to have a lust for being alive?

This class includes:
* Tools that will invite you to have a lust for living
* Clearing the energies that have been trapped and stuck in your body by healing others and judgmental people
* Dynamic processes to get you into the space of receiving the gift being a sexual healer can be
* Ways to play and invite your being and body into embracing a life that's filled with lust

* Sexualness Energy Pull and guided Sexualness Meditation 

Lust for Life Online


    Sessions, classes and recordings are non-refundable