Sometimes things don’t quite work out the way you would like them to.  What do you do when a supposed ‘obstacle’ shows up?  Do you give up and walk away?  Do you fight and rebel?  Do you ask questions and look at different possibilities?  Do you laugh and try again?

Not giving up and never quitting isn’t just about sticking to the things you choose.  How many times have you been told that you were a ‘quitter’ when you stopped doing something?  Sometimes, giving away what you are currently doing and choosing something different isn’t actually giving up on you, because you are willing to whatever it takes to move forward.

What if trying to get things right was actually giving up on you?  If if you are trying to get it ‘right’ all the time, are you waking up and loving your life each day?  Are you being kind to you, grateful to you, and having your own back, and willing to succeed at what you choose to do?  Every time you go to doubt, judgment, “this is not possible”, every time you are too tired, any justification you have in place is where you start to quit. It’s where we don’t stretch ourselves anymore, it’s where we have decided we have got it good, or good enough, or we are on a good thing and we don’t keep asking questions or wondering how it can expand and generate more.

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