Have you ever had someone judge you right to your face you got uncomfortable? You thought to yourself... "How could someone be so mean?"
Starting as children we receive judgment. We receive judgment for our clothing, our favorite color and oh so much more. Bullying comes in many forms. Then as adults we receive judgment in more covert ways about what we choose and what happens to us. From moms receiving judgment for how to feed their children to how a woman chooses to not have any children, from clothing mishaps to spelling errors, JUDGMENT IS EVERYWHERE. 
Is now the time you learn to receive it? Is now the time to learn to receive judgment without making you small or wrong? 
In this class you’ll receive:
		Tools to receive judgment with ease
		A space of being you with confidence you haven’t had before
		Recording of the class to download

This class is online on your phone or computer 

Receiving Judgment Class


    Sessions, classes and recordings are non-refundable