The universe is abundant with nurturing, kind, supportive, generative, sexual energy. This reality loves to believe you have sex, and no sex. You will find people love to resist receiving and reject possibilities, gifts and the contribution you are. Or maybe I'm describing you?...

Is now the time to INCREASE your receiving so you can have more MONEY, SEX, NURTURING and JOY? Welcome to Sexualness the Webinar Live in Prince George and Online and recorded for ease.. 

Sexualness is the creative, caring, healing, and nurturing energy of life itself. Sexualness can occur not only during copulation but whenever any creative caring nurturing activity is entered into. You can be sexual eating a great meal, or a great person! Sexualness is receiving on this planet, and it exists in everything. Interestingly, this energy of sex can be created without the need for another person present around you. Being dependent on that other person who is around or in relationship with you can actually distort and destroy your relationship by creating an unnatural dependence on that person to supply what could truly come from within you.

You will receive:

* Two hours of coaching, tools and a new way of being

*Recorded audio to listen to again and again

*If you are willing you can receive a new of way BEING in the world beyond anything you've ever imagined

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