Sexual Activation Sessions

Are you ready to activate the energetic sexualness that is ready to be ignited inside of you?

Are you one of those people that is locked up sexually? Did you make a decision in the past that sex was wrong, was bad or that you were wrong? For some of you sex has even been abusive or invasive! 

Do you ever feel weird when you're lusted after? 

Orgasmic living isn't just about sex. It's about receiving.

Sexual Activation sessions open participants up to the space of their unique sexualness. There is no touch involved! This is an energetic process like other healing modalities. Through Symphony of Possibilities sessions I will help you activate your sexualness, activate your sex drive, activate your receiving of orgasmic energy from the world!

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Sessions can be purchased as 1 single when one sale to save your price!

Symphony of possibilities session

​Included in your 20 minute session is a distance Symphony Of Possibilities energy session which allows you to clear, be and receive your sexualness. This is an energetic healing session. 
Turn it up, turn it on!


Included in your 20 min session is coaching and clearings are using a range of tools from CBT, Psychology and Access Conciousness. Chelsea's unique point of view about sex, bodies, relationships and sexualness mixed with her ability as a facilitator make for a dynamic session.

Toronto Energy Healing

 "After my session I couldn't stop crying tears of joy. I was free. I could receive everything around me. I was free to be me on a totally different level. I am more joyful now than ever in my life. I now get to receive from my partner who wants to just love me and I have been pushing him away. I am very grateful for these sessions with Chelsea. She has points of views about sex and genitals I have never heard before!"     -Bali Participant, 2018  

Toronto Reiki Healing

"Chelsea is a ball of walking talking sexualness. It is a pleasure to work with her every time"- Bali Participant, 2018

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Toronto Reiki

Thank you so much for the Sexual Activation this morning. I didn’t realize I had cut off my genitals from my body and wasn't including them in creating my life. That I was such a good actress that I bought the lie of sex is bad. All the places and spaces of disconnect. The ways I could and couldn’t receive sexualness and didn’t actually realize riding horses and motorbikes is  Sexualness. So grateful for this awareness. All the conclusions I had about what sex was and wasn’t. I look forward to receiving and embracing all of my sexualness and the rest of my sessions.


Once again thank you Chelsea xxx

- Sexual VIP Client, 2018

Toronto Access Bars

"I had to buy 10 more sexual activation sessions to get one every week for a year. Then I decided to join the VIP 10 sessions. I am so ready to have my sexual reality become MY reality. Chelsea is and lives from sexualness. Everything she chooses and creates is from that and I am ready for that for me. I have had amazing orgasims and more money show up."- Sexual VIP Client, 2018