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Is now the time to have fun with your body?

A new year and a new relationship with your body! How many people get the enjoy their bodies? You can learn tools to create a loving, fun and nurtuting relationship with your body. This is about enjoying your body regardless of size, age, or fitness. From a space of kindness you can change anything! From a space of joy you can heal anything! Join Chelsea Gibson, two time International Best Selling Author, Cognitive Behavior Therapist and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator for a day of laughter, joy and more fun with your body than ever before.

 In this seminar you will receive


+ Complete manual of tools to take home

+ Body Love Kit 

+ A whole new way to approach weight loss, sex, changing your body, fitness, food and much more


Take advantage of early Bird Pricing and receive a FREE 20 minute session with Chelsea ($70 value)

The class has changed since the 2016-2017 versions! New tools, new clearings and a new class! Repeat pricing is available!

 Body Love One Day Course

One day to change your relationship with your body. This comedic journey will take you from topics of weightless, change, family, food, miracles, sex and so much more...

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