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Spiritual and life skills 

Coaching Online 

Chelsea Gibson is a transformational and certified Life Skills Coach with training in NLP, CBT and Access Consciousness. If you are ready to get started with some REAL change and step into the greatness you and your life can be this is for you. Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective, someone to be there for you with no judgment and increase your tool kit. 

Sex. Relationships. Changing your Body. Family. Business


If you could change anything what would it be? Learn tools that will empower you to take creative rights to your life. What if life could be fun, enjoyable and had ease? 

I felt a total shift change in my energy after my online Zoom session and feel amazing. My partner thanked me for telling him he’s a stud and he’s got it going on. Worked amazing for my relationship. 


Prince George, BC

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Coaching Sessions Include

  • Private coaching online via zoom or by phone life skills coaching 
  • Mental tools to change and reframe your life and business
  •  Access to online classes in a variety of topics
  • Take home tools to use in any situation and area of your life
  • Sessions and packages are non-refundable
Life Coach Toronto


Packages allow you to save money and get the support you require. One session is a great top up, packages assist in constant change and support.

Purchase packages of 3 package session or 10 session package. They are non-refundable.

Dynamic Tools

How are you supposed to upgrade and change your life without NEW tools? Coaching sessions include tools from a range of perspectives.


Find Chelsea on Facebook, instagram and youtube to get a taste! 


In coaching sessions you are invited to shine brighter than you ever have before. To have someone see that in your and invite you to be it throughout your life and business.


Using tools of Access Consciousness  Mainstream Psychology and mindfulness you will receive distance or in person support, clearings and NEW possibilities

Chelsea will facilitate you through a space of kindness, openness and support. You are never wrong, you have never been wrong. From there you get to choose the life that works for you.