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The testimonials below have been provided by clients of Wild Rose Wellness from around the world!


Please use the contact page if you'd like to leave a testimonial of your own to be added to our website and Facebook. Thank you to all our clients for their love and support!

Chelsea Changed My Life: Testimonial Series

Chelsea Changed My Life: Testimonial Series

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Becca 2017

Prince George

The foundation course and Chelsea changed my life. I had a really bad day, I came home, freaked out and balled for about 10 minutes. If this happened 3 weeks ago I would have been in the biggest slump for about a 2 weeks. Nothing would help. I was able to pick my self up in the matter of an hour and turn my mood around. I was able to use the tools I learned in that class, and they actually worked. (Not like I didn't think they would, but it just took me by surprise). In the 5 years of suffering from depression I've never ever been able to do change my mood so quickly. I did the entities clearing and everything just changed. Literally felt like some demon was leaving my body, and shit that was a good feeling.

Some days I can barely hold my happiness in. I feel like fucking exploding with happiness to everyone around me. (Which usually I do anyways).

A year ago I would have never ever thought I could overcome one of my "depressive episodes". Never would I have thought that my life could change in a 4 day course.
But most importantly my life changed because of YOU!:) I don't know if this is much of a testimony but more of a thank the fucking universe that you are in my life and that I met you. You have no idea how fucked up and damaged I felt from all the counsellors, and 90% of the people around me telling me I was. Thank you so much for being you and making me realize I am perfectly normal, and giving me life skills that no college or university could. Thank you so much. 
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"Chelsea! My life isn't the same and it's amazing! Thank you, I can't wait for the Ask and Receive Online Class"

-Mary, Access Bars Participant, 2019

"When I came to the Access Bars class in the beginning I felt my shoulders were at my ears and I wasn't comfortable. And by the end I felt easy and open. Such an amazing class!! Many things have just cleared!!"

-Kim, Access Bars, 2019 

"Chelsea, Thank you so much for your sharing your contagious joy, generosity and loving energy! I appreciate how you show your true self in all ways! So refreshing. I thoroughly enjoyed your class Friday evening and would definitely attend your next sessions."

-Wendy, Clearing Negativity, 2019

“Thank you for the online 21 day classes, so frigging cool! Chelsea's energy today in the meditation was sooooo yummy! Wow! That was a cool one. I love the format of the affirmations, very powerful . I feel the energy shift as you say them!”

-Carmen, 2019

“Things have been SO good with me during the Elevate Your Life Program.  I am definitely elevating my life.  On Friday night I had my first date in 9 years. Fun now isn't had work ( I am SO grateful for this shift) and I love the evidence of allowing that is happening!"

-Laurie, 2019

"You really inspire with your facilitating and you beautiful energy. It inspires me to let my light shine bright also!"

- Angel, 2019

Thinking back a few months ago I was in a funk, I felt stuck, I felt sad, frustrated you name it. I went to see Chelsea for an access bars session and motivation and she wrote these tools on a piece of paper for me (Universe, what would it take to move with ease? Universe what jobs are looking for me? Universe, what people are looking for me?) I kept it in my car and repeated it whenever I saw it. Funny how things work out.. I have people moving me to my new job I dont have to pack a thing, I have a new job and have "bumped" into old friends. Made me smile for the day. Thanks Chelsea Gibson!
Kyla, 2019
What an amazing experience! Access Bars has left me feeling refreshed, relaxed and happy. The weight of the world has been lifted and with training from Chelsea I can share the experience with friends and family. I have found my inner magic. ❤️❤️
Rose, 2019

Chelsea taped into my body’s code, the one I (or someone/thing else) may have set up to limit and help me fit into this reality and all its man made rules, regulations and lies. After tapping in there was an invitation of energy that was so kindly seductive like a welcoming of every positive or negative thing I have every thought, felt or believed about myself, sex or the sensual being I truly be. 

Chelsea’s playfull light hearted like heartedness was refreshing, allowing andexpansive she offered me a magnifying glass to look closely at everything I shut off and shut down and then created space for me to safely look and choose

If you are looking to up level in way, I invite you to choose one if her sessions, she has an awareness and magic with bodies that is absolutely delicious

Thank you Chelsea you are an invitation to more.

Caudia, 2018

I took the access bars class, and after started asking, how can it get better then that? I bought some scratch tickets (which i rarely win on, if ever) on my first one i won $3, then asked how can it get better then that? Second one i won $6 and asked again! Third one i won $16!!! I couldnt believe it simply by getting rid of the limitations i won on all 3 of my tickets! Im hooked on access now!

Cj, 2018

Thanks Chelsea for the amazing gift you are. I have been working with Chelsea to clear away all the old thoughts and beliefs i've been holding on to. I would recommend her to anyone.

Sharon, 2018

Had an amazing session with the awesome Chelsea!!! She is truly gifted and adds in an energy of playfulness and joy in her sessions!! Thanks for sharing your magic with others in classes and sessions!! I will be choosing Chelsea again and again!!

Tracy, 2018

I was just in a class with Chelsea about turning up your capacities for creation by turning on your body and allowing your body to turn on other bodies and actually enjoying it. Wow, what a space for a whole new relationship with my body! It was uncomfortable, but good uncomfortable. Like you know it's going to change your whole life uncomfortable. I can't wait to see how much it changes things! Chelsea is a dynamo! Take her classes if you'd like to love you and your body more.
Jennifer, 2018
Chelsea's healing is truly amazing. My senses are heightened, I'm feeling more confidence, motivation, optimism and compassion to name a few. I have more energy and much less pain in my body... thank you Chelsea I can't wait to see you again.
Sherry, 2017
Thank Chelsea for being incredible to work with! It’s like we speak the same language! I highly recommend Wild Rose Wellness, Chelsea is highly tuned in and makes the hard work seem so easy!!
Marit, 2017
Chelsea is AMAZING! Attending the Access Bars Class was the best choice I have ever made for a life changing experience. Hands down. Thank you so much for being such a gift in this world!
Savannah, 2017
Chelsea is such an exceptional young woman. She is an excellent facilitator, and has empowered me to know and trust in myself <3 I would recommend her services to anyone looking to create change in their lives.
Jill, 2017
Chelsea is amazing. She radiates positivity, love, acceptance, and allowance. I have enjoyed each of the classes I have taken, and webinar. She is very professional while being genuine and fun.
Amanda, 2017
Chelsea is such an amazing person. Every class I've attended has shifted major stuff for me.
Shery, 2017
I went there for a session with Chelsea super stressed out and came away feeling so much better. More relaxed and happy with life again. She ran my money bar while I was there and the next day I came into some money. Highly recommend going to see her, its one of the best decisions you can make.
Kelly, 2017
I discovered Wild Rose Wellness just over a year ago. The moment I stepped into Wild Rose my life started to change and it has not stopped. The tools that you learn help you to discover who you are and to live in the moment. I have learned how to out create my life and to know that anything is possible!! I can not wait to see what else I can create in my life!
Lyndsy, 2017
Chelsea at Wild Rose Wellness has changed my life in so many ways in the short time I have known her. She has given me so many tools to create a reality I never even imagined possible. These tools helped me through some very tough times in my life, and I don't think I'd be the person I am today without her help. A session with Chelsea is all it takes to free you of the judgements and negativity you face in this reality, or to bring you back to that childlike magic you once knew was possible, but was somehow lost along the way. She is an amazing healer and truly a gift to so many people. I highly recommend Chelsea at Wild Rose Wellness to anyone who needs more positivity in their life!
Julia, 2017
Chelsea Gibson is a fantastical, magical gift to this reality. She is an amazing facilitator and has shown me the tool to create my reality. I have completed and conquered my limitations using the tool Chelsea has gifted me. What would it take for you to go experience Chelsea Gibson today??
Dylan, 2017
Chelsea and Wild Rose Wellness have an amazing ability to reach outside of their physical walls. Without having ever been to the studio space, Chelsea has made a positive impact in my life in the most sincere way. Don't feel limited if you cannot get to her! She offers Skype sessions! Thank you for always being there for me.
Amy, 2017
This words can't describe how thankful I am to Wild Rose Wellness for everything I learnt there. Seeing everything through a new set of eyes has allowed me to rediscover myself. It's safe to say that I will be using this tools everyday for the rest of my life because they help me become who I want to be! Thanks a thousand times, Chelsea. I am who I am today thanks to you!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Armando, 2017
There are so many ways in which I could tell you how much my life has changed for the better since meeting Chelsea! The tools she teaches can create such an empowering change in your life, it's the kind of change you didn't even know your life required. It has honestly been such an amazing adventure since meeting Chelsea and I highly recommend seeing her if you are looking for any kind of change and creation of more positivity in your life. The journey will be worth it
Airdrie, 2017
Last week I had the opportunity to spend the most relaxing 30 minutes of my life with Chelsea. I've since been recommending Wild Rose Wellness to everyone and will continue to do so. Thank you!
Jayna, 2017
I just went to Chelsea's Essential Oil and Chakra class and loved it. Chelsea is very upbeat and has an extremely loving and welcoming personality that draws you in. No matter where you are, whether you are beginning your adventure into chakras and oils or been doing it for years, there is something to learn. I would and do recommend seeing Chelsea to friends, family and even aquaintances.
Chelsey, 2017
lunch time meditation sessions are where its at. The perfect little break in this hectic world we live in. Love Chelsea, shes upbeat, happy and wonderful.
Tori, 2017
I absolutely love having my bars run by Chelsea! Regular sessions have helped me to make better decisions, judge myself less & take on less of other peoples emotions. When you relax and release the intense feelings around issues you can make the best decisions. Chelsea is a beautiful soul who has definitely found her calling!
Teri, 2016
Wild Rose is the best experience I have ever had. Chelsea had such amazing positive loving energy that stays with you for days after a treatment.
Rae, 2016
What a blessing...first time bars session and I loved it. Chelsea is a wonderful person with a beautiful spirit and energy that, thankfully, will not be harnessed or tamed ;) Thank you Chelsea!
Leslie, 2016
Chelsea has a bubbly and witty personality that is stupidly contagious! Such a sweet yet awesome potent woman. She ran my chakras for a while before I decided to have my bars run.....Well I ain't going back to Reiki again, I wants bars all the time!! :D I actually found my mood improved drastically after having my bars run. Chelsea you are amazing! I would recommend anyone to her
Andrew, 2016
Wild Rose is the best experience I have ever had. Chelsea had such amazing positive loving energy that stays with you for days after a treatment.
Rae, 2016
I think Wild Rose Wellness is an awesome place. Chelsea is an awesome person and very Angelic in her ways.
Rohnda, 2015
Chelsea is fantastic! Had such a great learning experience on level 1 Reiki.
Jenny, 2015
Thank you. Wild Rose Wellness for the uplifting session! I will use all the great techniques you thought me and follow the guidance that I know will lead and guide me on my fun, interesting and amazing journey. I promise to "embrace my alien" and to not hide my true self:) Keep doing what you are doing: the world needs more of YOU! 
Edith, 2015
I have had previous Reiki sessions with Chelsea, and recently attended a Level 1 Reiki Class/Attunement. I am continually surprised and impressed with Chelsea's depth of knowledge, professionalism and compassion. Her integration of Psychology with the mysteries of Eastern Philosophy and traditions create a truly unique and unforgettable experience. The attunement has allowed me to come more fully in to my intuitive gifts, and with Chelsea's guidance, I've created a daily practice to encourage this new gift to grow. I truly appreciate the advice Chelsea has given me, and the wisdom and magic Reiki has brought in to my life. I highly recommend Wild Rose Wellness for any sessions or classes you may be interested in. You are a beautiful soul Chelsea, and I look forward to more sessions with you!
Amanda, 2015
"My experience with Chelsea Gibson was nothing but positive. Chelsea herself is very professional, warm and friendly, and made me feel very comfortable from start to finish. She is clearly passionate about what she does, and takes time to make it a very personal experience. I did both distance, as well as 'in-person' Reiki with Chelsea, and both felt great. I have to admit I had skeptical thoughts of Reiki, having never heard of it before, but was pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness. It's hard to describe the feelings involved exactly, but overall the sessions gave me very general feelings of peaceful calm. Feelings I can still feel just from remembering the sessions. I would recommend anyone who's thinking about it to give it a try. You won't regret it!"
Travis, 2014
"My experiences with Chelsea have been amazing. It has help me through a lot of my anxiety. Since meeting her, I feel more relaxed and confident moving forward in my life"
Dylan, 2014
“Sessions in boats, sessions in trains and even hostel rooms all over Europe. Great sessions and greatest memories. Incredible.

Janique, Canada, 2013

“By far the best treatment I have EVER had on my back! I wish you lived in Toronto, I would seriously go for treatment everyday :)”

Ashlee, Canada, 2013


“Had an incredible session in Greece with you. Looking forward to my next one. What a great experience! ”

Adam, USA, 2013


“Chelsea did a Reiki session with me when she was visiting Toronto. I wish we lived closer to each other because I would do it over and over again. Chelsea, you made me feel so at ease, so calm and relaxed! I had been extraordinarily stressed out at work (what with being pregnant for the first time and working in a fast-paced environment) and you were able to relieve all of that stress in such a small amount of time. The coolest part of the whole session was how you were able to connect with our baby! The past 8 months have been full of firsts for me (and my husband, Chris) but to be able to experience that "first" with you was beyond amazing. I cannot express in words how much it meant to me  I really, really wish we lived closer together....if YOU live near Chelsea please take some time and go see her. You won't regret it! 

Lori, Canada, 2013

“Great session I had! I wish I was a bit closer to Canada to do it again. Definitely an experience, with surprising results! I never got to thank you correctly Chelsea, so here I leave a testimony, and a wish of happy success.”

Jean, Portugal, 2013

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