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Wild Rose Wellness is operated by Chelsea Gibson, a certified facilitator, Spiritual Coach and International Best Selling Author. Chelsea Gibson is a highly sensitive person (HSP) and spiritually gifted. Wild Rose Wellness is a dynamic business that includes private sessions of coaching and hands on treatments, self development classes, certifications and meditations!

Wild Rose Wellness is the Micro Business of the year FINALIST for the Chamber of Commerce Prince George.


Wild Rose Wellness idea was created when Chelsea was only the age of 6 and actualized into a home based business in 2013. The meditations you purchase in the shop began when she was a child diagnosed with HSP when she required space to relax and be. Wild Rose Wellness started as a small home based business in the garden of the Gibson Family home and now is a global wellness business providing seminars, private sessions and certifications to empower people to be themselves and create their reality. Chelsea is now a two time International Best Selling Author in the field of healing. Check the books out below!

Chelsea has facilitated classes around the world sharing her gifts with energy, fun, joy and play with the world. 


Who is Chelsea Gibson?

Chelsea Gibson was raised in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto Canada. By the age of two she was using touch to make people feel more relaxed. By eight she started asking her mother if she floated away from her body when she slept and started putting her hands over plants to help them grow. Chelsea is HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and is highly gifted spiritually. Those gifts were the beginning of understanding why Chelsea is so different and how she uses her sensitivities to help and facilitate change in peoples bodies and lives.


Chelsea moved to Prince George and prioritized her healing .Chelsea has continued to travel to 32 countries! In 2016 Chelsea was published in two International Best Selling Books with Happy Publishing while running a downtown location in Prince George, BC, Canada. 



  • Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology Student

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy from the University of Toronto

  • B.Sc in Psychology and Global Environmental Change from UNBC

  • Holy Fire/ Karuna Reiki Master with William Lee Rand

  • Usui Traditional Grand Reiki Master

  • Access Consciousness Certified Facilitators training, Access Bars FacilitatorAccess Foundation, Choice of Possibilities, Energetic Synthesis of Being, Symphony of Possibilities, Abuse Hold, Access Body Class, and Energetic Facelift

  • Buddhist Meditation

  • Shamanic Healing

  • Crisis training

Chelsea has been published in two International Best Selling Books

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Energy of Play- Chelsea Gibson
Chelsea Gibson International Best Selling Author

Chelsea in The Media

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Turning the page on unhealthy relationships can be the dawning of a new day in someone's life. 

There is now a popular book that gives 20 health-based perspectives on cleaning out the human pain in your life, and one of them comes from here.

Local nonfiction authors finding success..

Between the pages of an international bestseller is a local name. Chelsea Gibson was already a popular Prince George entrepreneur and now she's completed a lifelong goal to also be an author.

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2230 Queensway Street, Prince George, BC

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