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21 Days of Calm: Online Meditation Program


In a busy world full of bustle and stress, we all need a space and calm. Imagine taking time out of your day everyday for a bit of calm. 

Welcome to the 21 Days of Calm; Online Meditation Program. Join International Best Selling Author and Facilitator Chelsea Gibson for 21 days of calming, peaceful and hypnotic meditations to change your life and gift you the space of calm. 


You'll receive:

  • 21 Downloadable Audio Recordings

  • Meditations, tools, mini classes and hypnotic recordings to create a sense of calm in your life

  • The ability to listen and download your calls via the Box app on your mobile device

  • The space of calm for everyday living

  • Tools for stress and feeling overwhelmed 


About Chelsea Gibson- Facilitator, Program Creator

Chelsea Gibson was raised in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto Canada. By the age of two she was using touch to make people feel more relaxed. By eight she started asking her mother if she floated away from her body when she slept and started putting her hands over plants to help them grow. She was diagnosed as HSP (Higyhly Sensitive Person). Those gifts and disabilities were the beginning of understanding why Chelsea is so different and how she uses her sensitivities to help and facilitate change in peoples bodies and lives. Chelsea moved to Prince George and prioritized her healing. Chelsea has continued to travel to 32 countries! In 2016 Chelsea was published in two International Best Selling Books with Happy Publishing while running a downtown location in Prince George, BC, Canada.

21 Days of Calm Meditation

C$200.00 Regular Price
C$100.00Sale Price

    Sessions, classes and recordings are non-refundable

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