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Do you often say "I can't afford this"? If this phrase is in your repetior than generating money may be just the class for you. 


The world is a generous place, the universe is generous, it wants you to succeed, will you allow it? Generating money isn't about scrimping and saving, it's about putting in place systems that allow you to create and generate money so you can create a sustainable future with money. 


If there were no limitations on money — if you could choose anything — what would you choose as your life?


In this class you'll receive:

  • 21 mini classes and meditations for generating money
  • PDF worksheets weekly 
  • What are you not allowing yourself to have? 

  • If you had infinite sources of money, what would you choose to create?

  • Using your money to create a better world 

21 Days of Generating Money

C$200.00 Regular Price
C$180.00Sale Price

    Sessions, classes and recordings are non-refundable

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