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What if asking the universe was easy? Imagine would it would be like to receive everything you asked for? Ask and receive is one of the most accessible information we have about the universe. At the same time Ask and receive is much easier than most people think! It can be as quick as asking and receiving or asking and looking up or asking and seeing a notification on your phone. If you’re like I used to be and like many of my clients are... you’re making ask and receive much more complicated than it needs to be. 💖 There are blocks and limiting beliefs keeping you from asking the universe for what you actually desire and holding you back from receiving it. Are you ready to be open to asking the universe and actually receiving everything that’s truly possible beyond your imagination? Join Chelsea Gibson, International Best Selling Author and transformational coach for 21 days of learning to ask the universe and clearing everything that doesn’t allow you to receive from the universe with ease. You’ll receive 21 days of daily classes, meditations and clearings so you can ask for everything and receive much more than you’ve ever imagined. All available on your phone and computer and all available for downloading! Yes! You get to keep the whole program. Now receive 7 bonus healing vibration meditations! 

Ask and Receive 21 Day Program

C$250.00 Regular Price
C$187.50Sale Price

    Sessions, classes and recordings are non-refundable

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