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Clearing Negativity Class Live-streamed Negativity is the expression of criticism, could you imagine having ease with negative people and environments?  Since we were children, our bodies continually experience trauma and negativity over and over, locking the energy in our bodies. The constant state of negativity being projected at us throughout our lives overloads the bodies circuits and your body’s capacity to deal with it. Join Chelsea Gibson- two time International best selling author of a New Day Dawns: Breaking Up with Abuse- for a workshop to clear you of negativity locked in your body and energy centres. You receive access to a whole new way of being beyond trauma and negativity.  It's a 3 hour class inviting you to be you beyond negativity and to be the light you came here to be even when around negative people or environments. It has a manual with tools, 1.5 lesson with coaching and guided healing meditation. You also learn an Energy Process that takes out where we have mimicked others negativity, it's amazing for people who are really aware and sensitive and seem to feel others pains and emotions! You'll receive a full certification as a practitioner!  Investment in you: $75+ tax Includes: New manual, energy processes and certification

Clearing Negativity and Trauma Class


    Sessions, classes and recordings are non-refundable

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