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Are you a sexual healer? Have you had sex with more people who require healing than communion? This is your invitation to get the capacities you have as a sexual healer. Are you one of those people that always has sex with people who require healing. Then you walk away feeling heavy and they feel great. 

Is sex never about you and always about making them happy?

Join Chelsea Gibson, Certified Facilitator and sex therapist, for a 120 minute class on how to invite your being and body into acknolwedging your gifts as a sexual healer.  

This class includes:

* What is a sexual healer? Are you one?

* Clearing the energies that have been trapped and stuck in your body by healing others

* Exciting processes to get you into the space of receiving the gift being a sexual healer can be

* Ways to play and invite your being and body into embracing being a sexual healer
* Sexualness Energy Pull and guided sexual meditation
* Recording of the class

Clearing the Sexual Healer


    Sessions, classes and recordings are non-refundable

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