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The 21-day Healing Burnout Class is specifically designed for hardworking, yet tired professionals and parents, the givers of the world who are finding their cup empty. The pressure of balancing work, family, and personal well-being can lead to burnout. This course is your sanctuary - a place to unwind, heal, and regenerate your energy.


You'll immerse yourself in an empowering journey where you'll learn how to manage stress, restore your energy, and prioritize your well-being. This program includes downloadable meditations to calm your mind, mini classes for bite-sized learning, and tools informed by trauma therapy to aid in your healing process.


You'll also experience the transformative power of energetic healing. As you delve into this unique approach, you'll unlock a renewed sense of self, creating balance and serenity within.


Join us in this nurturing space, curated especially for you. Here, you're not just surviving - you're thriving. Say goodbye to burnout, and hello to a more vibrant, balanced, and resilient you.


Each day of the class will focus on a different aspect of healing burnout, including:

•Clearing emotional energy that's locked in your body

•Releasing trauma and painful memories

•Healing from being overworked and over tired

•Find your balance and manage your time

•Relax and calming meditations for filling your cup

•Rediscover your abundant energy

•Practical Tools to bring into your day to day


Throughout the class, you'll have access to:

• Daily guided meditations to help you connect with your inner wisdom and release the past

•Trauma-informed tools and techniques to help you regulate your nervous system and manage stress

• Email emotional and technical Support

• Energetic Reiki Healing infused through the classes


Learn to not just to cope, but to truly heal from burnout!


Class goes live October 13th, save $50 when you pre-register! 


Regular: $150 Now: $90+ tax

Healing Burnout Online Course

C$150.00 Regular Price
C$90.00Sale Price

    Sessions, classes and recordings are non-refundable

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