With Reiki Level 3 embody and integrate reiki into your life so it becomes who you are rather than what you do. 

Becoming a Reiki Master also represents a deep commitment to the Reiki practice.

Stepping into Reiki Level 3 offers us a glimpse into the possibility of a way of being where we live with awareness of being connected to everything in this Universe. The fourth Usui symbols opens a doorway for us to experience this personally rather than intellectually.

We become aware that Reiki is as much a part of ‘the real world’ as anything else. That we carry it within our heart at all times not just when we are ‘laying’ our hands on ourselves or others. We begin to recognise even further the voice within and are open to seeing where our inner and outer worlds lack congruency. We surrender to the flow of reiki and to life. By trusting and surrendering to reiki / life, our actions become aligned with a greater universal truth.

The focus of this course is to support you in moving to the next stage of your Reiki development, whether you want to progress to teach Reiki professionally or as a means of empowering your Reiki healing to be able to self-heal and provide support for your family.

Usui Reiki Level 3 Certification

  • Deposits hold participants spot in class and are non refundable. Cancellation prior to 24 hours notice is subject to cancellation fees.