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Learn to Love Yourself

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Are You Ready to Create Your Joyful Life?

Learn to Love Yourself and thrive with our empath coaching, Reiki healing, and online classes for personal growth and transformation. Canadian based wellness business offering services Virtually, in Toronto ON and serving Prince George and Northern BC.

Wild Rose Wellness Canada is a holistic wellness business offering life coaching, Reiki, and online classes to help individuals connect with their true selves and achieve their fullest potential. Whether you are seeking personal growth, physical healing, or simply a deeper connection to yourself, Chelsea Gibson is here to help. With a focus on mindfulness, compassion, and trauma informed practice, Wild Rose Wellness is the perfect partner to help you transform your life and reach your goals.

Our experienced coach and practitioner Chelsea  Gibson is a Certified Life Coach, Grand Reiki Master and International Best Selling Author. Chelsea is dedicated to supporting you on your journey to wellness and embodies the joy of living through the tools she teaches. She is ready to assist you in creating your joyful life through a trauma informed lens for healing. 

Check out our website for private sessions, online classes and Reiki Classes around the world and live-streamed. There is a plethora of online programs and resources just for you. 

Look below for the types of sessions and classes that are available today! 


Reiki Sessions

Chelsea is a phenomenal coach and healer! Book your energy healing session with Chelsea via Virtually or Phone.

Choose between Reiki or Chelsea's energetic healing she has done since she was a child.

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Reiki Toronto

Empath Coaching



Chelsea has clients all over the world who are learning to love themselves and healing from trauma.


Book your private session with Chelsea Gibson from anywhere in the world. Gain access to tools, emotional support and energetic healing. 

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Online Classes

Online classes allow anyone from around the world to join in and listen. The online class format means you can listen to your class anytime, anyway and even save to your phone to listen to in the car or at work. 

Create your joyful life with daily calls, meditations, mini classes and tools. 

"Chelsea's healing is truly amazing. My senses are heightened, I'm feeling more confidence, motivation, optimism and compassion to name a few. I have more energy and much less pain in my body... thank you Chelsea I can't wait to see you again.

Reiki Classes Toronto

Reiki Classes



Private Usui Reiki Level 1, 2,3, Master classes and Karuna Holy Fire Reiki 2, 3 and Masters are available at Wild Rose Wellness Online!

Benefits of a private class: 

  • One on one time with Grand Reiki Master & Best Selling Author

  • Reiki Class catered to your unique gifts and capacities 

  • One evening created around your schedule! 

  • Same price as taking a public class 

  • Your schedule, your class, your journey 

Have you desired to learn Reiki but have been pressed for time? Have you taken classes before but never felt like you received the one on one time you needed? 


Do you have questions about your unique gifts, talents and capacities? Are you ready to learn Reiki around your schedule?

Your Schedule. Your class. Your way

Meet Chelsea Gibson

Healer. Coach. Friend

Wild Rose Wellness Canada is operated by Chelsea Gibson, Certified Life Coach, Grand Reiki Master and International Best Selling Author.

Chelsea Gibson is a highly sensitive person (HSP) and intuitively gifted. Wild Rose Wellness is a dynamic business that includes private Reiki and Life Coaching sessions, self development classes, and certifications around the world!

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