Conscious Business Services


If you have a wellness business that needs some energy? Would you like social media or marketing assistance? Chelsea Gibson is not your average facilitator and life coach. She has 15 years of customer service and marketing expereince among other skills such as video editing, photography, social media and building a client base. Would you like Wild Rose Wellness to be a contribution to your business? Wild Rose Wellness was a six year olds dream that is now a store front and global facilitation in happiness and wellness. If you'd like to get a marketing plan for your small company or are starting out a new company see how Chelsea can help! It's a whole new way to create your life and a company. Do you desire Chelsea to be in your next video to market your service or product? Contact us at 

Business Consultation


Starting a new business? Do you have questions about what it would take? Do you have limitations that are getting in the way of you starting the business up? Contact Wild Rose for a Business consultation. Chelsea has helped her Reiki and Access Bars students get their new wellness businesses started with business consultations! This is a space for you to ask questions about social media, marketing, gaining clients, what to expect, waivers and all the rest! 

Conscious Business for the Workplace 


Conscious business is about creating a workplace from awarness and empowerment. Would you like your employees to be empowered so they love their jobs? Would you love if your employees were so happy with their work they didn't want to fake a sick day again? 

Chelsea has won awards in sales and customer service by using awarness of what her customers required. Invite Chelsea to your workplace for a 60-90 minute workshop. Have your workshop on the following topics:


* Customer Service

* Conscious Sales

* Empowering Employees (for managers and supervisors)

* Employee Relationships


Meditation for the Workplace 


Would your business like a break? Hire Wild Rose Wellness to teach a 30 minute lunch break meditation for your workplace! Book once or save 15% when you buy 5 sessions. What if your employees and coworkers could take 30 minutes to relax during lunch or after their day? 


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