Welcome to Rewriting Your Story: A 21 Day Online Adventure in rediscovering you, recreating your past, creating your present and crafting your future. 

How many stories do you have about who you are? How many stories of your past are keeping you from the beauty and adventure that is available to you? 

There has never been just one path or right way to enlightenment, career and freedom, there are many different doorways that lead you to you. Every moment, every feeling and every experience provide an opportunity for deeper connection to you and your purpose on the planet. Your childhood experiences and what you have chosen thus far create a point of view that you have about you. Sometimes we can buy the lies and perspectives of others and retell those stories to ourselves over and over. 

Is your business, job or career out of alignment with you? Are there stories that you tell yourself about you and what has happened to you that keep you repeating the past? Are you looking for a new, loving, creative and nurturing perspective about you and what you can choose?

In this 21 day online class you'll receive:

  • 21 days of recorded classes

  • Recorded Vibrational Alignment Meditations

  • Tools to look at your past from a different place and rewrite the past 

  • A nurturing environment to look at your past, your presence and your future

  • Tools to create a future that is aligned with you

  • Clear the stories that you continue to repeat that keep you from changing everything

The 21 day online Series have already created so much change and freedom for those who have been a part. Each class, transmission and recording is designed to align you with being you in each area of your life. Each powerful recoridng and transmission explores a new topic and brings in new energies and a new possibilities for each person. Those places in your life that feel stuck get to dissolve back into harmony with you, restoring you to the FREEDOM from lack, limitation and suffering. 


21 Days of Rewriting Your Story


    Sessions, classes and recordings are non-refundable

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