November 11, 2019

Psychic/ spiritual journaling is a fabulous way of continuing your development and allowing you to channel your awareness. 🙌🏻

Journaling can become a major part of your psychic development and spiritual growth. Most psychic journals tend to be like shorthand notebook...

May 12, 2019

Life is busy and stressful. We are surrounded by stressors and an overwhelming pressure to stay busy, raise families, go up the career ladder and just survive. 

Making the energy of Calm a priority in your life is a conscious decision since being busy and having stress...

September 16, 2015

The alarm rings and what do you do? Do you look at your phone? Start to wonder about your day? It's starting to get cold outside so you want to stay in bed just a bit longer! Try these 3 morning meditations to your start day right from bed. 

1. Breathing Med...

September 3, 2015


With summer ending and fall around the corner this September it is time to fall. Let's fall into happiness, fall in love with ourselves and fall in love with life!

1. Fall in Love with You

There is a heck of a lot of judgement in the air. It seems that everyone is con...

February 27, 2015

What if everyday was another chance to change your life? What if every seconds? Would you believe me if I said it was true for me?

I ask my clients during sessions "What do you want to do with your life?". I ask them, I don't tell them. See your life is your choice....

February 27, 2015

You know the feeling of a new relationship? Yeah, the fuzzy and warm tingley feelings. What if you could wake up tomorrow and feel that about yourself? What if you acknowledged how amazing you are! Here are 5 quick tips for self love! Want to fall over heels in love w...

February 23, 2015

You know in the movies and story books how princesses seem to have so much ease? They are in communion with the plants, animals and beings. Well how did I get so lucky to function like a fairy tale princess in my own way and in this reality! For example!

I am at a Wi...

February 22, 2015

Being - a living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently. What if that could BE you? What if this could be your invitation to function independently? I am not one of those people...oh wait...I am! If you follow my Facebook feed or t...

October 10, 2014

Do you remember being a child and every sofa, box, cupboard and "thing" was NEW?! Children explore their surroundings as if they are going "what's this?",  "what's possible in here?" or "What magic could I find here?". If you have ever met me or spoken to me via Inter...

October 9, 2014

Are there parts of your body that you would like to give a lift? Access Consciousness® is a modality that has created many tools & techniques that“ empower you and your body to know that you know” and to change anything that’s not working in your body and your life. “...

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