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Wild Rose invites you to BE!

Being - a living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently. What if that could BE you? What if this could be your invitation to function independently? I am not one of those people...oh wait...I am! If you follow my Facebook feed or twitter or youtube or this website you will notice I am a bottle of champagne! I want to invite you to BEing you!

Haven't you known that life could be fun?! Like..when you were a child! Well welcome to an invitation! My name is Chelsea Gibson and I am here to empower you. What if you knew the answers to the questions of your life? What if you are the key and the lock to unlock the greatness of you? I started doing healing work as a child. I would walk up to plants and people and help them grow. It was something I did naturally. By 10 years old I had created a meditation practice. I was natural. I now run Wild Rose Wellness, a wellness studio of magnitude! I have travelled the world learning tools and changing the world! I have travelled through Europe, the UK, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, the USA and Canada learning and healing being from all over the planet! Next stop? Check out this blog to find out!

When you meet me you'll know my vision is to invite you to being YOU! You already judge you. You do it all day! What would it feel like to come in to see someone who saw you and didn't judge you?! Oh yeah! Sound yummy!? I will try to invite you to seeing YOU, without judgement, or wrongness! What if all those cheesey quotes you read on your Facebook feed could be your life. What if your life was a ball of fun! Keep posted with this blog and Wild Rose TV you tube channel. Let's see what change Wild Rose Wellness can contribute to your life and living. You're invited! Don't have fun people...that would be awful and wouldn't change the planet!

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