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Making Calm a Priority

Life is busy and stressful. We are surrounded by stressors and an overwhelming pressure to stay busy, raise families, go up the career ladder and just survive. 

Making the energy of Calm a priority in your life is a conscious decision since being busy and having stress is now normal. How do you do this? Here’s one way to make Calm a priority. 

Schedule it in

For many of us stress compounds. An email comes in, the laundry needs to be done, your child has an emergency, or you get a. Stressful phone call. 

Put reminders in your day to go for a walk, breathe, Meditate or listen to your favourite calming music. You may need to put a sign on the door or turn off your phone to make sure you get that 10- 30 minutes of Calm per day. 

Click here to receive 21 days of calming, hypnotic meditations: 21 Days of Calm

Join the 21 Days of Calm online program and receiveb21 calming meditations that will gift you tools on how to create a life and body that is nurturing calming and gentle. 

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