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Being in love with YOU

You know the feeling of a new relationship? Yeah, the fuzzy and warm tingley feelings. What if you could wake up tomorrow and feel that about yourself? What if you acknowledged how amazing you are! Here are 5 quick tips for self love! Want to fall over heels in love with yourself?!!?

1. Keep a gratitude diary

Keep a diary of alll the things you love about yourself! Start your day and end your day with some self love my writing down the parts of you you're grateful for. Do you love your smile? How about the way you make your friends feel? Are you a loving an dcaring person? WELL ACKOWLEDGE IT! Pick something you LOVE and ADORE about you and write it down. Even if everyday you write the same thing it will start to focus you on what is right not what is wrong with you. 2. Tell your body "Thanks for putting up with me"

It is easy to tell your body what is wrong with it. To look in the mirror and say what you don't like. Well how woudl you feel if everyday somebody told you what they don't like about you? Get the feeling with how your body feels? It's like "ummm hello! I keep you alive and being and you hate that fat.". Would you be willing to say "Body, thanks for putting up with me" ? Just let your body know you are thankful to it for putting up with your judgement of it.

3. Look in the mirror with no judgement

Try for 30 seconds every morning to look in the mirror and only think happy thoughts. Positive thinking has been known to help heal the body so imagine what it can do to your self esteem?! Try for 30 seconds, then go to 1 minute and 5 minutes! Soon you will be like me and can stare into your eyes and body and have nothing but love and gratitude.

4. Wear clothes that makes your body FEEL good

Woudl you be willing to ask your body what it wants to wear? Imagine an outfit that makes you feel sexy, comfy, pretty, etc. Try wearing it more often. Think about other clothes that make you feel yummy. Put them on and feel that sexy, pretty and comfiness! You will create more of it!

5. Self Esteem Coaching Sessions are available and the Access Bars! At Wild Rose I tell you the greatness of you and invite you to see it and be it! You judge yourself all day, how would it feel to come in and get complimented so much you become the YOU you've always known you could be!! What would it take for you to LOVE you? What contribution could loving you be to your life and living? Try these and/or book now! Wild Rose has Skype sessions and distance sessions too!

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