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My Fairy Tale Life

You know in the movies and story books how princesses seem to have so much ease? They are in communion with the plants, animals and beings. Well how did I get so lucky to function like a fairy tale princess in my own way and in this reality! For example! I am at a Winter Business Bazaar in Prince George, BC. I had a client who needed a meditation session so I was two hours late. I use tools from Access Consciousness and one of my favorite ones is "What is right about this I'm not getting?". Well I asked myself this question and as I am walking into the auditorium in a neon purple a-line dress and heels with boxes up to my chin I ask myself another question (you'll get the hang of how much I love being the question) "What would it take to have a cute boy help me with all these boxes?". Not even two seconds later a Sea Cadet asks her "men" to come and help. So I stroll into this Winter Bazaar with two 9 year old cute boys ready to help me. Note: I asked what would it take for a cute boy to help me with no limitations on what their age was! Ask and you shall receive! They even set up my table with me! It was the first time this young boy was ever asked "Where do you think that should go?" or "Can you ask that picture frame where it should go or where it wants to be?". I was empowering this young boy to use his own knowing to create a space with me! The kicker? I felt like Snow White! I wonder if I started singing if birds would of flown in and helped me with the table cloth?

So not only did I create change in this boys life, my life and the lives of the 100 faces turned towards us as we elegantly floated into the room...we also created a space where magic can happen and where beings could function in communion. What would it take for YOU to open to your Fairy Tale life? Did you need some facilitation opening yourself up to even MORE magic and sprinkles of life?! Wild Rose Wellness offers in person, skype and distance session! How can Wild Rose be a contribution to your life and the planet?!

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