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How to: Spiritual Journaling

Psychic/ spiritual journaling is a fabulous way of continuing your development and allowing you to channel your awareness. 🙌🏻 Journaling can become a major part of your psychic development and spiritual growth. Most psychic journals tend to be like shorthand notebooks where you can free hand write ideas, awarenesses, visions and dreams. I can have up to 6 journals going at any given time around my house.📔 Most days, I write for less than five minutes depending on my work-load and what information I am channeling. Some days I will draw or paint if the information is more visual. 🎨 Psychic journaling is purpose-driven. The goal is simply having greater psychic awareness and understanding of what information is coming through. This allows you to chart your evolution and progress. Pick a page from the past and see where you were months or year ago. We can start to see patterns, coincidences and unfolding events as series while going over the journal. A psychic journal can contribute to an essential part of our journey of spiritual development. Get a journal that resonates with you, decorate it as you like, make sure to note the date of your entry and just start to write. Allow yourself a judgement free time 5-10 minutes daily or weekly. I journal anytime there’s a pop of awareness or after an eye opening event. 💖 I wonder what you’re aware of you haven’t acknowledged? Many of my clients will bring their journals to their sessions so they may ask questions on particular awareness. Book your spiritual coaching session or Reiki Healing Session and unlock the keys to your awareness and knowing. Click here to book your session: #psychicawareness #psychic #spiritualawakening #journaling #journal 

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