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3 Ways to Fall into Happiness

With summer ending and fall around the corner this September it is time to fall. Let's fall into happiness, fall in love with ourselves and fall in love with life! 1. Fall in Love with You

There is a heck of a lot of judgement in the air. It seems that everyone is constantly judging themselves, their bodies and their lives. It is time for you to FALL in love with you. Start every morning by looking in the mirror for 5 seconds without judgement of you. That's right! For every judgment that comes into your mind say "sorry body, interesting point of view I have". You'll start to notice all the things you love about yourself rather than all the thinsg you dislike.

2. Fall in Love with Life

You know those goosebumps you get when you like someone? Imagine you could get those goosbumps when you thought about living! When I asked a young girl if she was excited she replied with "what is there to be excited about?". It is time we get excited about everything and nothing. Find at least one thing to be excited for this fall. If you can't think of anything fake it until you make it. Start to get in the habbit of being excited over nothing, which is everything.

3. Fall into Happiness

Sometimes it takes vulnerability to be happy. Have you ever noticed people ask you "What's wrong?" if you're sad and "What are you on?" if you're happy. Being happy seems to be less common than being upset. So let's fall into being happy. Take time to laugh, be goofy and maybe fall over. Children love falling down, when they do a lot of them laugh! What if you could fall into laughter? Give yourself some YOU time (even 5 minutes) to fall down, jump up and down, laugh for no reason and smile in peace.

Check out the video blog on this website for more tips and trips. Check out Wild Rose Wellness on soundcloud for the radio show Own Your Energy and other happiness tips. Chelsea is a Cognitive Behavior Therapist, an Access Bars and Body Facilitator and much more! or 250.301.8780 to book your in person or phone session.

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