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3 Morning Meditations to Do While in Bed

The alarm rings and what do you do? Do you look at your phone? Start to wonder about your day? It's starting to get cold outside so you want to stay in bed just a bit longer! Try these 3 morning meditations to your start day right from bed. 1. Breathing Meditation

Start your day by simple beathing. Sit up in your bed with your back straight and take breaths from your belly. Deep breathes! Clear your head from the beginning day thoughts and just breathe.

2. Gratitude Meditation

Start your day with gratitude! Before stepping out of bed list 5 or more things you are grateful for in your day. You can write them in a journal or even say them in your mind. Take a deep breathe and have gratitude for the start of a new day! 3. Demand Magic

What is the best way to enter the world? With magic! Use this tool from Access Consciousness "Universe show me something beautiful!". Demand of yourself and of the universe to show you a part of the your day that is magical and beautiful. Get the energy of what that could be and try to find the moments that match that energy throughout your day.

Check out for meditation videos, join the 4 weeks of Meditation E-Program or join the Meditation Class in Prince George.

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