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3 Ways to Be Excited About Everything

Do you remember being a child and every sofa, box, cupboard and "thing" was NEW?! Children explore their surroundings as if they are going "what's this?", "what's possible in here?" or "What magic could I find here?". If you have ever met me or spoken to me via Internet or Skype there is one thing you'll notice, I AM EXCITED! I am fortunate because I didn't loose that wide-eyed wonder and excitement. That is how I backpack, talk to new people, explore the everyday and keep learning. My whole life is "what's this?!" or "what's over here?", "who are you?", "what are you doing?" or "what magic can I create here?". I have had people embrace it and I have also had people despise it. How do I do this? Well part of it is me being truly me. Here are three ways YOU can start to get excited about EVERYTHING!

Reiki Prince George

1. For everything ask "what's this?"

As we have grown up our left-brain starts to record and organize everything we have ever interacted with and labels it. This process of learning, labeling and categorizing starts to ease our "what's this" about life because we have already interacted with it. What our brains do is tell us "the last time you interacted with this (insert object or situation) you had this (reaction and outcome) experience. It helps us survive! If we were sick the last time we did that thing or ate that thing we may not want to do it again (like burning your hand on the stove your mom told you not to). Part of seeing the magic in everything is to balance the "I know what this is and what it does" and "what's this?". Try saying to yourself "yes brain I know this is a coffee shop and you get coffee, one time there was this jerk and last time you were bored...BUT what is possible here? What change can I be to change this from a coffee shop to an amazing coffee shop?". The thing to focus on is that YOU have the power to look at your day and say "what's this?" or look at a tree and ask "what's this?". Yes that is a tree but it is a unique tree and has beauty you may not have noticed. That coffee shop isn't just a coffee shop. There may be someone’s day you could change with just changing your outlook and asking "what's this?" with a sense of wonder. Hey, something might surprise you.

See this TED talk to find out more about this left-brain phenomena called "Jill Bolte Taylor's stroke of insight"

Outdoor Aerobics

2. Do or Try Something Different! Just show up! Part of the excitement of my life is doing something new or going somewhere new! Stay open minded and try something you've never done. Read a book you wouldn't usually read. One of my favorite things to do is to go to different churches or spiritual communities and see how they live or what they believe. It allows me to go out of one way of thinking about the world or universe and see what other people do or believe. Try a meditation group if you've never been. If you body build try a yoga class. If you do yoga try CrossFit. Go to a vocal lesson or see a band you know NOTHING about! Hey, you may find a band, fitness or belief you can integrate into your life! You may actually just start to see the rest of your life the same way! My first shamanic ceremony I came in with no experience and had no research. When people asked if I was nervous I replied, "I don't even know what exactly we are doing". Follow your gut, there is a difference between being open minded and being unaware (that's for another blog). They key to this is to just show up open minded and willing to be new. Be willing to make mistakes, look silly or ask someone what to do.

Access Consciousness Prince George

3. Surround Yourself with People Who Get Excited Too!

I've had to learn to be O.K being the only one in a group, event or situation that is excited. Statistics in Psychology in my undergrad for instance. I was only of the only ones on the first day who was genuinely excited ( and I didn't like stats!). However, even though having confidence to be the first one to get exited it is nice to have others who will get excited with you. When I took my first training in Access Consciousness in Amsterdam it was absolutely amazing to meet other people who wanted to run around and get FREAKING EXCITED about life and living. I have friends who I can contact and just be excited and they are excited too. Excitement has energy and is infectious! It has this domino effect that carries through others and amplifies the more there is. Ever been to a concert line-up and felt that energy?! YEAH! That's the stuff. Positive energy amplifies positive energy and when you are excited and have people around you who are too it gets even better! Plus, sharing excitement with others is one of the best parts about being excited. These are 3 ways to start to get excited about everything. Please try to integrate them into everyday life in your own way! Try getting excited about the dishes, waking up early or going to work. If some place or thing isn't exciting enough YOU can make it! YES! If you have never been told I will be the one to tell you that YOU CAN BE THE CHANGE. You have the power to change the energy of places, people and things and even yourself! So if you are already an excited person get ready to get amplified. If this is your first time getting back to being excited start small! If you need any help email me at and book a Clearing Statement or Life Coaching session. You are not alone in this and I can show you some tools!

~The Wild Rose~

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